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Kumlaish appears as radio guest on New Jersey station


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Running time: 35 mins




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I AM…Women’s Personal Development Workshop

Date: TBA

Times: 9:30am - 5:00pm

Tel: 07790 299 009

Location: New Jersey


An  invigorating 1 day workshop specifically designed to help women of any age, at any stage in life and from any background to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their closest relationships.


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Poor management of diverse teams through incompetence and lack of understanding is costing companies in many ways. To retain talent from across the globe your organization MUST understand and deliver on the highest standard of Intercultural Competency.


- Do you want to be a market leader in the global economy? - Do you want to invest in your greatest asset – your human capital?

- Do you want to attract and retain the best talent  in the marketplace?


Then this workshop is imperative for your organization. Equip your staff with the essential tool-kit for success.


This 2-day work shop will move your staff from the unknown to the known from discomfort with cultural differences to ease in ‘fluid’ communication that builds rapport and grows and nourishes your business relationships.


Forthcoming dates:


Please check back soon for available dates.

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- Do you find yourself shouting, getting frustrated or using emotional blackmail when communicating with those closest to you?

- Do you feel misunderstood, despite giving so much of yourself to make your relationships better?

- Do you fear you are going to lose grip if things do not change?


If you are serious about enhancing your relationship with your partner, children, family, work colleagues and most importantly yourself this workshop is for you.


This 2-day workshop will give you the information, tools and skills you need to communicate effectively, getting results in a positive and meaningful way.


Forthcoming dates:


Please check back soon for available dates.

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Below you can find details of our workshops and the dates and venues currently available. For bookings please call 07790 299009 or email [email protected]

As well as rituals for how we dress for weddings, and behave on New Years Eve, we also have habitual ritual thoughts.


These habitual thoughts become the regular emotions we feel daily. So, for you to feel any emotion, there are certain things you have to picture in your mind. For example your self -talk, the images you play, and the perspective you adopt in relation to this creates the feeling in your body.


When you train a muscle it becomes stronger. Your brain is no different. Through self -hypnosis you can exercise this muscle to serve you better and to get you the results you need to live your life to the max!


The cost of this workshop includes all coursework material.


Forthcoming dates:


Please check back soon for available dates.

Building Meaningful Relationships

Intercultural Competency & NLP: A New Paradigm

Self-Talk to Self-Hypnosis