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Relaxation and Self Healing

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Kumlaish appears as radio guest on New Jersey station


Click play on the audio player below to hear Kumlaish on 'Speak Up & Step Out'.

Running time: 35 mins




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I AM…Women’s Personal Development Workshop

Date: TBA

Times: 9:30am - 5:00pm

Tel: 07790 299 009

Location: New Jersey


An  invigorating 1 day workshop specifically designed to help women of any age, at any stage in life and from any background to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and their closest relationships.


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Training Courses

Introduction to NLP


NLP explores the relationships between how we think (neuro), how we communicate (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion. This workshop will give you an overview of NLP so that you can decide whether the full certification is for you.

Self-Talk to Self-Hypnosis


Your habitual thoughts become the regular emotions you feel daily. Your self-talk, the images you play and the perspective you adopt create the feeling in your body. Through self-hypnosis you can get help your brain to serve you better and get the results you need.

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Workshop Feedback


"Reflection, sharing, great discussion at table."


"Enjoyed course, didn't feel pressured and it tapped into my 'I can't draw' syndrome."


"Very good teaching goal and expressive"


"All of it worked very well, the pace and delivery excellent. Hope to be more involved in future courses."


"Thought-provoking, inspiring, at times stimulating a range of emotions."


"It was challenging and that was good. Also incredibly informative and relaxed."


"Excellent course!"


"Hearing othe people's aspirations, sharing and being with other people in the same boat."


"Thank you, it was inspiratonal, and great to meet such inspiratonal women!"

We are currently offering the following training courses. Explore the links to find out more.


"Good hand-outs, easy to follow."


"100% rated the taster session above average or excellent"


"Very valuable, as I am at a point of change in my life and have a decision to make. This workshop provided clarity and purpose."


"Inspiring, encouraging, confidence building exercises and tools"